Mother's Day Brunch Table Setting


Topiary for center piece on Mother's Day table setting.

The decorations for this Mother's Day Brunch table include

  • a bright paper topiary centerpiece
  • placemats
  • glass charms
  • napkins rings. 
  • flourish scattered accents
  • card for Mom that doubles as a placecard.

Some items purchased from the local dollar store include the flameless candle, paper plates (unless you plan on doing the dishes for Mom) and a pot and foam ball for the topiary.


Topiary: Cut paper flower using the Rose pattern from the Dollar collections. Use brads or sewing pins with colored balls to attached Roses to the styrofoam ball.

Flourishes are added to a flameless candle and can also be scattered around the table where needed for accents or under glassware, the pot, etc.

Mother's Day table setting

The pot used for the topiary is from a dollar store.

Mom card was a freebie pattern for newsletter subscribers.








A large red square placemat is simply a piece of 12"x12" colored cardstock with a cardstock black frame  placed on top. Add Roses to center of lengths of ribbon by snipping small hole in ribbon and using brad through center of rose. and use to tie up napkins and around the base of stemware.



Mother's Day table setting for brunch.

Mothers day setting created by friend and designer: April