Soft Sculpted Paper Christmas Ornaments

You don't have to spend a lot of money to have beautiful and elegant decorations for your Christmas tree. Try these ornaments we made using the Ornaments collection with 12 shapes and designs.

We softly embossed the edges around these new paper pieced ornaments and were pleasantly surprised by the elegant look using just one color, white. We'll also be posting some more photos of ones we did using the glitter papers in juicy colors.

With some bits of ribbon, rhinestones and other embellishments you can make a beautiful set of paper ornaments for your Christmas trees.

Christmas ornament from paper.   Christmas ornament from paper, hanging on tree.


Here's how we did it...
1. - We started by cutting all the pieces in the collection from white bazzill cardstock and stacked the pieces together for each individual ornament to keep things a little organized and make it quicker to complete.

Tools needed for Christmas ornament.   Embossing tool for sculpting edges.


2. - You only need 3 items to do this: An embossing tool like the one shown. An old mousepad. We used a gel pad but the harder foam ones should work okay too. And you need pop-dots.

Embossing edges with the tool.

3. - Place each piece upside down on the gel pad. With the tip of the embossing tool, begin gently rubbing along the outer edges back and forth until the edges begin to curl up a bit.

Adding pop-dots to the back of ornaments.  Put pieces together for completed ornament.


4. - Place pop-dots on the back side and assemble the layers. Use a punch to make a hang hole on the top and thread with ribbon or other trim for hanging.

It's as simple as that. These have a simple elegance just the way they are or you can add bits of ribbon and rhinestone to add some bling.

Made using the Ornaments collection.

We hope you have as much fun as we did putting these together. We also hope you will share photos of what you did with this pattern by posting them on our FACEBOOK page. Maybe you have some great color combinations, special papers...we'd love to see them.


~Have fun!