"Scrappin' makes me hoppy!"

Frog sign, Scrappin' makes me hoppy.

Here's a cute idea for your scrapbooking buddies. And remember

it's fun once in a while to make something for yourself. That's

what I did with this hanging card for my work space. It's made

using the Rain Frog pattern. Here's a few other possiblities for

the inspirational phrases...

"Singing in the Rain"

"If you want to see the rainbow you got to sit through a little rain."

Singing in the Rain Frog.

The background is several layers of papers in staggered sizes.

Corners are added using a pattern with stripes. The layer of blue

paper right behind the frog is torn along the top and the edges

curled to look a bit more like water. The layers are all then stitched

on the sewing machine.

The lettering was intended to look random like a ransom note so

all the lettering was printed on cardstock, then cut by hand.

I cut the frog on my cutting machine, inked the edges and pieced it together.

Raindrops using diamond glaze on frogs umbrella.

The effect of raindrops was done using JudiKins Diamond Glaze.

Just add a dot and pull upwards on the paper to get the rain drop effect.

Allow it to dry thoroughly before adding the hanger.

Add a hanger using a mix of yarns and ribbons then knotted on the frontside of the card.


Frog wall hanging

And there you go!!!